About USCityhomes

"We really appreciate you getting this listed for us so soon! I am very happy to be working with a “real” person and not just a big flat fee business. Thanks"
Michael & Kim Daly
Wylie, Texas

Are you kidding me? “$14,100 in commissions to sell my $235,000 home” For what? Putting pictures on the internet, showing my home, helping with contracts and agents? At USCityhomes, we get it! Time and effort does not justify those high fees. It might of when homes sold for $46,000 and no Internet. Not these days!

Shocking Truth About Real Estate Commissions

Owning and operating a real estate agency is a second career for me. I started full time in real estate in 2004 when the road at my corporate career came to an end. DFWCityhomes and USCityhomes allow me to control my destiny.

Tod Franklin
Tod Franklin, Owner and Broker

With 25 years of technology, finance, and marketing under my belt, I started as a real estate investor. Buying, fixing and selling homes. In 2005, I obtained my real estate license to reduce acquisition and selling costs. Now owning a brokerage, I find buying and selling other people’s properties the most rewarding.

Our commitment to service excellence has resulted in hundreds of happy clients. Over 12 years we purchased, sold and leased over $120 million of 504 properties. Our properties include residential, multi-family, residential land, and farm-ranch land. You see from my reviews, clients say we are exceptional at what we do.

Our clients receive savings in their pockets or pass it on as a buyer incentive. With USCityhomes, control is in the hand of the client. If needed, we are available for advice and opinion. As always, we serve our clients professionally and ethically.

For our effort, we have many repeat and referral clients. We gain extraordinary competence and experience from our business model. A high differentiating factor in our success. Many agents representing the other side in our transactions have far less experience.

We achieve high trust relationships with our clients and flourish by doing so. We support the Code of Ethics of the National Association of Realtors. Upholding the duty it instills in us to our clients and the public.

USCityhomes is an affiliated name of DFWCityhomes LLC and a limited service residential real estate agency offering control, savings, and convenience to clients willing to invest their own time and attention. We target the “For Sale By Owner”. We compete with Full Service and Flat Fee MLS Service brokerages.

Best Regards,

Tod G. Franklin – Broker, Owner at DFWCityhomes and USCityhomes