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Buying and selling a home in Texas

The Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC) is a valuable resource for consumers and real estate professionals in Texas. A good starting point is the article Buying and Selling a Home in Texas. It has a good overview of licensing, fees, forms and contracts, handling complaints, and other persons involved in a real estate transaction. Notice: This …

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Who handles all the paperwork?

There is a lot of paperwork when buying and selling real estate. Here is a simplistic breakdown of common documents and how paperwork gets done.  Same contracts and forms are used in all transactions in Texas.  Paperwork Created By Distributed By Completed By Parties Format  Signing Method When  Listing Details and Market Analysis MLS USCityhomes …

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What is a T-47?

What is a T-47? The T-47 is a Residential Real Property Affidavit (notarized document) that accompanies a survey in a transaction. It’s purpose is to validate the accuracy of survey obtained previously and explain differences resulting from subsequent improvements and changes to the property.  Why should I provide a T-47? First, If you can’t find a …

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What is a Buyer Rebate?

  You find the home to put an offer on and we do the contracts and negotiations. Upon closing, you get what often amounts to two-thirds of the buyer agent commission paid to you. You can use your rebate for anything you want. Two restrictions apply. 1). You must notify your lender you are receiving …

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What is escrow?

Escrow Fee is the funds of a buyer held by a title company pending fulfillment of a contract. An escrow account is essentially a holding account. During a real estate transaction, the escrow officer—usually a lawyer or licensed title company representative—holds title documents and escrow fees while buyer and seller fulfill the contract terms. The escrow officer makes sure …

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