What is the difference between USCityhomes Full Service MLS Listing and that of a traditional 6% Agency?

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Our success, honesty, truthfulness, and excellent service results in hundreds of happy clients. We are real estate professionals with pride in high quality service. Resulting in valued, high trust relationships.
Our volume and stability of our business puts real savings in the pockets of our clients. Or, passed as an incentive to close a deal. Our service drops the conflicts of interest of the traditional 6% Broker model.
For our effort, we have many repeat and referral clients. We are competent and gain experience from our high volume business model. Minimizing conflicts of interest is a differentiating factor in our success.
We achieve high trust relationships. Serving our clients interests first and flourish by doing so. We are proud of our conduct and support the Code of Ethics of the National Association of Realtors . We uphold the duty it instills in us to our clients and the public. Take a look at our MLS Listing Service Features to see for yourself.

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