How does MLS Flat Fee Listing work?

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You can save a lot of money with a Full Service Flat Fee Listing. Instead of paying a commission to the listing broker you pay a flat fee. Our Flat Fee Listing is the lower of 1% or $3,000. That is less than the 2-3% paid to a typical full service broker. All flat fee listing services assume you are willing to pay the buyer agent a competitive fee to bring a buyer. In our market, a competitive fee is 3%. Flat Fee Listings work because of 90% of the time the broker who is NOT the one who lists your home represents the buyer.

A Full Service Flat Fee Listing does not require more of your time and effort. You must put some effort in decluttering and basic staging We handle contract negotiation, and transaction management. We will be face to face with the buyer’s agent. You don’t have to speak to a buyer or buyer’s agent unless you want too and no one has access to your contact information. After you have a contract, we help keep escrow moving ahead all the way to closing.

USCityhomes role is marketing your home in MLS, the Internet, scheduling showings, and representing you in your transaction. We meet the requirements of the Texas Real Estate License Act. Informing you of material information received related to your transaction including offers, answering your questions, and presenting offers.

Details of services provided by USCityhomes are on the “List” page of the menu. If you need help, we are here to help.

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