How much is the buyer agent commission?

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The buyer’s agent commission is an inducement for agents to show and sell your home. The amount of buyer agent commission is binding and set in the listing agreement. It is advertised in the agent’s information section of the listing under BAC and payable at closing.

No matter who lists your home, more than 90% of the time another agent will sell your home. The typical buyer agent commission in our Texas market is 3%. There is not a set commission rate paid to agents. Buyer agent commissions are not negotiable with an offer. Most homes list with 3% offered to the buyer agent.

This is when it pays to dish out the going rate. If you offer a lower commission, your property is less competitive and might take longer to sell. A buyer can pay the difference to their agent or attempt to restructure the offer to get you to pay it. Remember if the sellers pay, it qualifies for financing. If the buyer pays, it is an out-of-pocket cash item. Often sellers end up agreeing to pay 3% to get the deal.

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