What are my closing expenses?

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It is critically important that you fully understand your costs and timing obligations before pricing your home, executing and negotiating a contract. We will help you understand your closing expenses at the time of the listing based on your approximate list price. When an offer is received, contract terms can be different based on timing and terms and another evaluation is required to correctly understand the offer in hand.

At our Full Service level we present to you an estimate your net proceeds before lien (loan) payoffs based on the offer received. We analyze your offer and estimate expenses for the title company, title policy, service contracts, survey, homeowners association, property taxes, and seller paid buyer closing expenses, temporary leases and anything else to provide you with a clear picture of your proceeds. Keep in mind we are providing an estimate and it is not guaranteed. Our estimate does not include any obligations created after a contract is executed. Usually, repair costs are not known until the end of the option period. After understanding the timing and financial obligations we will help you devise a counter offer. If you counter we will present that counter offer on your behalf with your full understanding and approval.

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