What is a Buyer Rebate?

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You find the home to put an offer on and we do the contracts and negotiations. Upon closing, you get what often amounts to two-thirds of the buyer agent commission paid to you. You can use your rebate for anything you want. Two restrictions apply. 1). You must notify your lender you are receiving a rebate and, 2). You must disclose your rebate on your closing statement.
Most homes in MLS offer a 3% commission to a buyer’s agent. With USCityhomes, we give 2% of that back to you and keep 1% for us. If the commission offered is ever less than 3%, your rebate is less. For example, for a total commission of 2.5%, we keep 1% and you receive 1.5%.
Looking at builder homes? Give the salesperson our name and contact information on your first visit to the model home. Tell us in advance for us to be ready when they call us.
Looking for pre-owned homes? There are several options for getting in to see a home.
  • Going to an open house is the most convenient.
  • Pay us to show homes on a fee basis.
  • Listing agents sometimes will show homes to buyers that have another agent.
Don’t mislead an agent to see a home. When asked, let them know you have representation. Don’t sign anything that obligates you to give them the commission.

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