What is a Comparative Market Analysis? How do I get one?

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From our Contact Us menu item, you can request a free CMA. Add CMA request in your Message and add address details. 

A Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) is a report licensed Realtor’s and licensed appraisers use to price, appraise, and negotiate.  Pleae understand a real estate agent is not a licensed appraiser and a CMA is not an opinion of the value of a home.  After reviewing a CMA, if you are unsure of the value, a licensed appraiser can be hired to provide an opinion of value. 

To come up with an estimate of market value we look at all homes that are on the market or have sold or not sold in the last 6 months in your subdivision. Next, we multiply the square footage by the price per foot of the most comparable homes and make weighted adjustments for differences in floor plan, age, condition, updates, location, and amenities.

Ideally, you compare and look at those sold homes that compare to your home in 25% of size, 30% of age, within 1/2 mile, in the same neighborhood. Next make adjustments for the number of beds, baths, condition, updates, location, size, and garage spaces. These are not rules but guidance and many exception situations can influence buyers and appraiser’s opinion of value. 

Sample Comparative Market Analysis (CMA)

For sellers, we use the CMA to aid you in your pricing decision. Keep in mind the sold properties become the basis for the appraisal when your home sells. If you retain us for our Listing Services we review the CMA with you. We want you to understand the same information every agent uses to guide buyers in making offers. Next, we discuss pricing strategies and how buyers find homes. Armed with that information, you are the best expert in pricing your home. I always tell sellers it is easier to go down than up in price. Whatever price you start at you can make adjustments as you go. Just don’t spend it in your brain before you get it. People that get emotionally attached don’t lower their price and don’t sell their homes. 

If you retain us for our Buyer Services, together with you we review the same reports to evaluate a home to negotiate an offer. When financing a home, a licensed appraisal is completed for your lender to demonstrate you and the home meet funding requirements.

Keep in mind a CMA is strictly for guidance and is not to be considered an appraisal or opinion of value. We are not appraisers and only a buyer making a purchase can establish what a home is really worth. 


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