What type of lock box does USCityhomes provide?

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For an additional fee and deposit, you get an Electronic Supra iBox for buyer agent’s to get access to your home and show your home. The Supra Box is the state of the art device for full service brokers and requires an electronic device only issued to licensed real estate agents to open the box and get the key out. With the Electronic Supra Box all activity is recorded electronically and is traceable to prevent unauthorized individuals from entering your home. 

The iBox is the original Supra infrared keybox. Infrared technology allows smartphones to access the keys stored in the iBox key container. Real estate agents can simply point and beam their eKEY® enabled smartphone at the iBox to interact with it.

Each time an iBox is opened, both the key and iBox record the date, time and the identify of the keyholder. The information is delivered to Supra’s secure database and can be obtained using SupraWEB. The listing agent can also read the iBox to view recent access information.

GE Supra Electronic Lockbox
GE Supra Electronic Lockbox iBox

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