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There is a lot of paperwork when buying and selling real estate. Here is a simplistic breakdown of common documents and how paperwork gets done.  Same contracts and forms are used in all transactions in Texas. 

Paperwork Created By Distributed By Completed By Parties Format  Signing Method When 
Listing Details and Market Analysis MLS USCityhomes Seller Seller Web Form  None After Payment
Listing Agreement TAR USCityhomes USCityhomes Seller, USCityhomes PDF Electronic Signature When Listing is Live
Sellers Disclosure, T-47, Survey, Other Disclosures TAR, TREC USCityhomes Seller Seller PDF Electronic Signature When Listing is Live
Loan Application and Conditional Approval CFPB, Lender Lender Buyer Buyer, Lender PDF Electronic Signature Before Offer
Offer and Contract TREC, MLS, TAR  Buyer Agent Buyer Buyer, Seller PDF Electronic Signature At Execution
Home Owner Association Certificate HOA Title Company HOA Buyer, Seller PDF None After Execution
Title Commitment and Policy Disclosure Title Company Title Company Title Company Title Company, Buyer, Seller PDF Notary at Closing 20 days after Execution
Loan Agreement Lender Lender Buyer Buyer, Lender PDF Electronic Signature At Closing
Buyer Closing Disclosure CFPB Lender Lender Buyer, Lender PDF Electronic Signature 3 days before Closing
Seller Closing Disclosure CFPB Title Company Title Company Seller, USCityhomes PDF Notary at Closing Before Closing
Deed Transfer and Closing Documents Attorney of Title Company Title Company Title Company Buyer, Seller Paper Notary at Closing At Closing

Consumer Financial Protection Board (CFPB)

Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC)

Multiple Listing Service (MLS)

Texas Association of Realtors (TAR)

Home Owner Association (HOA)

Portable Document Format (PDF)

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