Ready for a Rebate?

What’s the Buyer Rebate $ Incentive Program?

We fully understand finding your dream home is the first priority. USCityhomes is professional and your partner throughout the home buying process. We bring years of transaction experience and in-depth local market knowledge.

We will pay you up to 1% of the price of your new home at closing for representing you to buy your home. When buying a home, the seller pays us a commission. We give up to one-third of that commission back to you, It is an incentive and you save a lot of money.  You can use your incentive to:

  • Pay for inspections and appraisals to lower your closing costs.
  • Upgrades and repairs.
  • Buy new furniture with your incentive check.
  • Anything else that comes to mind!

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Buyer Rebate Program

How it Works

You Purchase a Home for $300,000

Price Includes 6% Commission Paid by Seller

3% Paid to Sellers Agent ($9,000)

3% Paid to Buyers Agent

USCityhomes Rebates 1/3 to you ($3,000)

You Receive $3,000 in Credit at Closing Automatically


You Purchase Directly From Sellers Agent

6% Paid to Sellers Agent ($18,000)

You get 0% Back, and the 6% came from you

Example based on a $300,000 Home Purchase