Is now the right time for you?

I am Ready

You've decided you are ready, willing, and able, to buy a home

My Finances are In Order

You are looking into financing and your finances are in order

I Know What I Want

You have an idea of what you are looking for and where

I Can Move Soon

You could move in 30-45 days if you have to and ready to submit an offer

Get your home and rebate in these easy steps

1. Register with us for a free consultation

Complete our Buyer Registration form. We will contact you to discuss how our process works. 

  1. Let’s talk about how we work together. You decide if this is the right program for you. A representative will call you.
  2. Next, we execute a Buyer Representation Agreement putting your rebate in writing. 

2. Search for your dream home

Begin your home search. We set up an Auto-Email system for you see the type and location of homes you are interested in.  

  1. Let us know what homes you are interested in. We will find out the status of the property, schedule a showing and meet you at the property.  
  2. Drive neighborhoods. You can find out if you really like a home by driving by it. If you do this before scheduling showings and save a lot of time.
  3. Go to open houses. You can find out about open house schedules online. 
  4. When an agent offers to assist you let them know you have an agent representing you. 

3. Submit an offer

  1. We tour the home with you to discuss pro’s and con’s and look for risk items.
  2. We check the status and contact the agent to ask about other offers, and multi-offer deadlines. 
  3. We review comparable sales with you to determine your price and offer strategy.
  4. We pull together a draft offer with you for your review and approval. 
  5. We submit the offer, follow up, and negotiate.

4. Close the deal

  1. We execute a contract.
  2. We send copies to you, seller, title company, and lender.
  3. You write checks for the option fee and escrow funds and deliver to title company and seller representative.
  4. We help put together a task plan and assignments to make sure everything stays on track.
  5. We review inspection results with you and request repairs and adjustment from the seller.
  6. We review appraisal results and negotiate discrepancies for you. 
  7. You schedule your closing after financing is approved. 
  8. After closing and funding, the property is yours. 
  9. Enjoy!

Let us guide you through the buying process.​

  • Guide you through the home search process and set up a website for you that has up-to-date listings of homes that meet your criteria.
  • For our fee, take you on showings to see homes of your liking.
  • Estimate your buyer incentive and closing expenses.
  • Provide you a Buyer Representation Agreement that locks in your buyer incentive.
  • Negotiate advantageous pricing and terms for you by representing your best interests and consulting with you about all negotiations.
  • Negotiate seller paid repairs and improvements.
  • Explain all contracts, forms, documents and disclosures.
  • Guide you through the entire closing process.
  • Obtain your house keys and give you your incentive payment at closing.

Things to know:​

  • USCityhomes can pay your rebate at closing if it is included in your closing statement.
  • Your loan program may reduce, limit, or prohibit your incentive. Talk to your lender about your options about how to properly disclose and receive payment.
  • The seller and lender must be notified in writing you are receiving a rebate. 
  • Your Incentive is based on the standard commission of 3% of the market price paid to us by the seller’s broker for representing you in the transaction. Our minimum commission is $1500.
  • See Terms and Conditions for more details.